I'm Kitty (aka Cathy) - I’m a Perth wedding photographer who captures intimate moments at non-traditional weddings – city elopements, backyard weddings and pocket size celebrations. 

I like photographing people at their most honest, so I document your relationship as it is for real. I'll hang back quietly capturing the day as it unfolds and get amongst it when you hit the dance floor.

I believe in doing your wedding day exactly how you want it - saying no to traditions that don't resonate with you as a couple. That's why I love small but mighty celebrations!

oh hey! i'm a wedding photographer who takes photos of lovers in love like you!   

hello, lovers

I’m originally from the UK. I landed in Perth by chance almost 8 years ago. The city just clicked for me and I never wanted to leave! It felt like home immediately.

I’ve been obsessed with photos since I was a teenager. I take my old film camera and trusty old backpack full of disposables on every adventure. And I lug boxes and boxes of negatives every time I move. It gets heavy!

One of my favourite things to do when I go back to the UK is to sift through the hundreds of photos in my mum’s loft. 

I’m fascinated by how images show different versions of love. I guess this is a sign I’m in the right job!

I’ve loved weddings for as long as I can remember. I guess it was a lightbulb moment that made me realise wedding photography would be the perfect job for me. And my many years working as an event manager in London gave me all the skills I needed to photograph special events. 

So I did all the courses, got a mentor and went on a photography retreat – hello, Commonfolk! And here I am.

It’s me, kitty

aka cathy

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these simple pleasures sum me up well...

good books

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movie theatres with velvet seats

afternoons at Hyde Park

hot baths

elton john

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dumplings and edamame

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photo box at mum's house

neon signs

my leather jacket

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